Kitchen Cabinet Painting Cork


Frequently Asked


How Much Can I Save ?

What if we told you that you could paint your Kitchen Cabinets without tearing down your existing ones or investing large amounts of money on a whole new Kitchen ? You can spray paint your kitchen for approximately 25-30 % of what it would cost to replace it. Most of the time , your kitchen cabinet Framework is in perfect condition, and you are performing the remodel simply to add a new splash of colour. Most Kitchens take about a week to complete.

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How Durable is the Paint?

It is the most durable paint money can buy, with normal use it will last the lifetime of your kitchen if treated with respect. However, it will wear like any other substrate if subjected to rough treatment . It can be touched up and maintained over time by you the client or by arrangement.

Can you fill the old holes because my new handles are a different size?

Yes we can, However, we do charge a little extra so please let me know when asking for a quote .

Do you spray everything such as Kickboards, Pelmet, Gables, etc. ?

Yes we do, It is as if you went to a kitchen shop and ordered a new spray-painted kitchen.

How much does an average kitchen cost to respray?

All jobs vary in price according to their size.

A Small kitchen will cost around €1400 plus vat
Average kitchens cost between €1,750 and €2400 plus vat
Larger kitchens with islands and utilities are from around €2,600 – €3200 plus vat and Very large kitchen are from €2850 to €4000 plus vat.

Vat at 13.5% .

Always send photos in for an accurate quote.

How Long does an average job take?

Our average kitchen takes about 5 days to complete. Larger kitchens take 7-8 days. Most of the work is done off site so your kitchen is only out of action for 2 days maximum.

What kind of Kitchens do you Respray?

With, we have the technology to spray paint any surface, Wood, Vinyl, MDF PVC, Plastic , Melamine. You name it we can spray it!

Can the Doors be Cleaned?

Yes the doors can be cleaned with soapy water from time to time .

  • Clean your hand-painted kitchen with diluted bleach
  • Once the paint has fully cured after 28 days , the best way to clean your kitchen’s painted surfaces is with diluted bleach:
  • If you need to clean a hand-painted surface during the first three to four weeks after your kitchen has been painted, then use nothing more than a damp cloth.
Kitchen Cabinets:What Paint Type?

Once you have chosen your Paint Colour, the Finish you choose is also very important . You can choose Matte, Satin or Gloss Finish. Matte Finish is a very low lustre and natural-looking but for low footfall areas, maybe not the best idea for a family with sports-loving kids ! Satin Finish is a mid-level lustre and tends to be the most popular choice for light and dark colours. It will take a regular wipe-down whenever required. Gloss Finish has a high sheen so probably best avoided if the wood is in a poor, or rough state as it will highlight any imperfections.